Children Boutique Clothing

Customers look to Uptown Tots when they are searching for cute kids clothing or a baby boutique with trendy baby clothes.  We are known for stylish baby clothes for both boys and girls.  Look inside for those unique baby clothes.

Baby Boutique Clothing

We carry a wide selection of trendy baby clothes for your precious baby.  If you are looking for trendy baby girl clothes or trendy baby boy clothes, you have arrived! We have the most stylish baby boy clothes and stylish baby girl clothes.  We are one of those unique stores that is a baby boy boutique with a large selection baby boutique clothing options.  Shop our baby boutique for all your baby's needs.

Toddler Boutique

In our toddler boutique, we offer cute toddler clothes, hip toddler clothes and trendy toddler girl clothes and trendy toddler boy clothes.

Kids Boutique Clothing

Searching kids clothing websites for those cute kids clothes?  We have a great selection of trendy kids clothes in our children boutique clothing store.  You will be proud to own our cool kids clothes.  Dress your boys in hip children clothes.

Baby Accessories

When you are looking for those trendy baby accessories, you will find them at Uptown Tots baby boutique website.  Teething, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, sippy cups, baby rattles, blankets, swaddles and so much more.

Cloth Diapers

We carry Best Bottom cloth diapers, Buttons cloth diapers, cloth inserts and accessories.  If you are looking for the Best Bottom limited edition cloth diapers, we are your destination.

Baby Carriers

We represent the highest quality baby carriers as we carry both the Ergo baby carrier and the Baby Ktan baby carrier.

Toddler Toys

Looking for high quality wooden toys that will last generations?  We carry Hape wooden toys that are built with German precision.  We carry baby dolls, stuffed animals, Farm Hoppers that are all perfect cool toddler toys.